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  • Un tocco italiano - Unusual Visit

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities for excellence and there are places to see at least once in a lifetime.
In addition to the Colosseum, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Venezia and the Fori Imperiali, which give us a very small idea of the imposing and unreachable size of the city, there are many alternative routes and less well-known ... but always interesting!

The Biblioteca Angelica
The oldest library in Rome and one of the first in Europe, where time seems to have stopped at 1600. Nearly 200,000 volumes of inestimable historical value.
Guided tours available for those who would like to know more about the history of the library and its collections

Palazzo Valentini
A visit to the fascinating remains of the patrician “Domus” of imperial Rome, belonging to powerful families, with mosaics, wall decorations, polychrome floors, paving blocks, and other remains with
a virtual reconstruction.  A magnificent example of how the artistic heritage of  antiquity can be enhanced with the use of new technologies

Little London in Rome
an English oasis in the center of the capital
Just in the center of the capital can be accessed (only on foot!)  to a small private street, Bernardo Celentano, all British style! Little London extends for 200 meters and at the end of the road you will find a place where you can sip tea in perfect English style.

Angels and Demons
To the discovery of the “Angels and Demons” of Rome on the path of the Illuminati.
A different way to visit Rome, an original tour in the historic center following the tracks of Dan Brown’s best-seller and the film Angels and Demons to this inspired by Ron Howard

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