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Amanti del Cioccolato?

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Moriondo & Gariglio, Via del Pie di Marmo 21-22
This chocolate shop near the Pantheon is the oldest in Rome.
The company was founded in 1850 in Turin (one of Italy’s chocolate meccas) as confectioners to the royal Savoy family, and moved to Rome around 1870. Not much has changed since then.

GREZZO Raw Chocolate and dessert - Via Urbana, 130
Open morning to night, Grezzo is unavoidable! The first shop of its kind in Europe, Grezzo follows principles of gourmet raw food! Embracing the evolution of the healthy sweet, all of their delicious cakes, pies, creams and cookies are made with high quality ingredients. Bio, Vegan, Gluten free, lactose free, without refined sugars... Grezzo’s goodies are guilt-free.
SAID - Chocolate factory - Bistrot - Via Tiburtina, 135
SAID chocolate factory has been making handmade chocolates since 1923. With over 90 years of experience, they have perfected chocolate in every shape and size: from their revered hot chocolate to their decadent truffles. SAID is a great place to sit down and enjoy a dessert in the afternoon or in late night

Quetzalcoatl Chocolatier - Via delle Carrozze, 26
Located near the Spanish Steps, this Franco-Italian chocolatier makes some of the best gourmet chocolates in Rome. The variety of chocolates here is stunning: Quetzalcoatl is not afraid to use unique ingredients such as ginger and lavender, helping you find the chocolate combo of your dreams


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