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  • Shore excursions - Escursioni
  • Emilia Romagna

The port

The port of Ravenna is a large structure which can offer a wide range of services to all kinds of goods.
Ravenna is one of the main Italian ports and has assumed a leadership position in Italy for some products/markets. The port takes advantage of important public and private investments aimed at improving its infrastructure, extending and specialising its service offering in order to reach the highest quality standards.

The city

A city of fascinating Byzantine suggestions In Ravenna, you can feel Art, History and Culture in every corner. Recognized worldwide for its historical and artistic treasures, the city preserves the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries AD within its early Christian and Byzantine religious buildings, included by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.
Other attractions that can be reach from Ravenna are the oldest and the smallest republic in the world the famouse San Marino, also for the fun’s of car’s there is a most visit of the Ferrari Museum and also beautiful city of Bologna.

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San Marino
Ferrari’s Museum
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