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Explore Siracusa     
Siracusa is a beautiful mix of Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art just waiting to be explored. It is steeped in rich legends and history like a true Greek drama should be! First of all you will visit the famous archaeological area, where our expert guide will bring all this to life.  Imagine the representation of the tragedies in the largest Greek theatre of Sicily and  then poke your head in the cave called Dionysius’ Ear, where  every prisoner’s whisper was brought to the surface by its acoustics, and imagine the magnificence of his Tyrants having a look to the Altar of Hiero II. After that we will visit the bustling little centre, which is placed on the island of Ortigia. enjoying the cobbled streets of the picturesque old town and the majestic cathedral built on layers of history. All without missing the town’s elegant shops and cafes.

Forgotten Sicily
Visit two of the most typical and unknown towns of the beautiful hills around Taormina. Discover hidden treasures in the Agrò Valley, amazing testimonies of the Middle Age! Make a deep step into the old-fashioned Sicily, miles away from the frenetic lifestyle of the cities. Enjoy a true Sicilian evening at “U Lantirnaru” (literally the lantern-maker), where Ms. Eleonora and her family welcome you. Have the loveliest dinner of your holiday, drinks and folk music included, after you caught some of the culinary secrets Eleonora wants to share with you.     
Mount Etna & Alcantara Gorge (to 1900 Mt)

This full day includes a great outdoor excursion into the wonders of nature and an opportunity to enjoy one of most impressive Sicily’s icon. We will have  a first stop to visit the Alcantara Gorges, where the river dug a stunning canyon into the lava stones, and then we will aim to the pulsing and flaming heart of the island.  On the way to reach Rifugio Sapienza, which is located at 2000 Mt above sea level, the guide will talk you of some interesting facts about  the mountain, which is highest active volcano in the European continent . Once you’ll get there you’ll enjoy the unique view which is definitely amazing.
The Islands of Lipari & Vulcano
Sicily’s Aeolian islands have been pushed truly into the spotlight in  these days,  because fashion designers and pop singers are swapping glamour in the simplicity of these tiny isles. Thanks to the all- white-washed villages, olive groves and beautiful flowering plants, these rocky islets are the quintessence of cuteness. And so, why to do not head to the well named Vulcano? The big attractions here are the mud baths and the volcano that belches sulphurous smoke out in dragon puffs.
Etna Sunset Select
The best things come in small packages and that’s definitely true on this evening out. A minibus for just nineteen people will take you on a wonderful drive along the most scenic route through lush country side up to the Mount Etna. When the lush landscape gives way to the lava and the ride becomes too bumpy for our minibus we change over to the off-road vehicles. And when it’s too much even for the off-road vehicles it’s just your turn to walk up on the slope of this magnificent volcano. In the footsteps of our expert Alpine Guide, a 30 minutes trek gets you as high as you can get. Stand on this giant feel the heat underneath you, look out the sea and yet the sky is so close you can touch it. Now, add a sunset and you’ll have one of the most beautiful evening of your life! And if that’s not enough when you’ll back down at 2000 Mt Antonella will wait you in her mountain chalet to greet you with a typical Sicilian dinner, wine included. Then it’s all changed and before you know it you’re standing on Mount Etna - Europe’s most magnificent volcano!
Cooking Class in Taormina
The first thing that must be done when you want to prepare a delicious Sicilian meal is to find the right ingredients. On the market in Taormina  you will get tips on how to choose the best out of fish, meat and vegetables in a market.  The restaurant within walking distance from the market itself and that is where you are going to cook the day’s meal. The chef will explain the day’s menu and show how to perform each step. You get plenty of opportunity to try your hand and gain practical experience of the Sicilian cuisine from someone who really understands. When you hen enjoy the Sicilian meal you created yourself. a sommelier will select the wines that best enhances the flavor of your food. Sicily is definitely famous for its cuisine and this is a perfect opportunity to sharpen your cooking skills!
Etna in off-road
Experience the North side of Etna up to 1.800 m above sea level. Follow the lava flow of 1928 to the Sartorius craters, on roads only accessible by off road vehicles. Make a walk through fascinating lava fields. Learn about life next to an active volcano and admire the versatile vegetation that occurs through it. Have a rest at refuge Ragabo (lunch on option) and visit a hidden lava cave, before you go to Gambino winery to taste aromatic wines and typical products of Etna.
Agrigento & Piazza Armerina

The Valley is amongst the most evocative sites of the Greek world and one of the most impressive complex outside the Greece. We will visit the temples which stand on the high ridge overlooking the sea, walking the Sacred Way and discovering the magnificence of the Concordia Temple, which was converted in a Christian church in the 6th century and because of that spared from much of the devastation which afflicted the site over the centuries. Also you will walk between the Temple of Zeus ruins, the largest temple built by the Greeks, destroyed to build the harbour of the near town of Porto Empedocle.  After lunch we will Visit the famous Villa Romana del Casale which keeps the finest collection of Roman polychrome mosaics, depicting scenes of hunting and recreation, and also representing mythological and historical episodes.

Isolabella Minicruise
This is a lovely boat trip that goes from Naxos to Isola Bella, a naturale reserve that is home of many different birds. On the way there you get a great view of Taormina with the mighty Mount Etna in the background. The boat will moor at Grotta Azzurra (blue Grotto), the water here is clear blue and offers good visibility which is ideal for snorkeling. A lovely day to just relax and enjoy the beautiful Sicilian countriside. MAybe you get sight of one of Isolabella’s beautiful birds. Transer to and from Giardini Naxos Harbour not included.
Sicilian Coast Below the Surface
A half day trip that gives you the chance to experience the beautiful hidden spots of Sicilian Coast. Along with instructors from Taormina Diving & Snorkeling Center, they will make your first diving both easy and enjoyable.
In the Godfather’s footsteps    
Hardly any of our guests miss this trip! It’s laid back, fun and takes in some breathtaking scenery along with some hair raising bends! Relive some of the Godfather scenes on the spot, Sit in Marlon Brando’s chair in the famous Bar Vitelli, walk down in the alleys in Al Pacino’s footsteps and enter in the Church used in the film. This trip definitely will be an offer you can’t refuse!
Islands of Panarea & Stromboli

In Cefalù’s  Harbour you board the boat  that will take you out to Panarea, the Glamour Island. The island has earned its epithet as it is the most exclusive of the Aeolians Islands, attracting the international jet-setters for a taste of “dolce far niente” (delicious idleness). After exploring the island for a while, wandering in its narrow white streets, you’ll sail to Stromboli, one of the neighboring island of the archipelago. The island was, in the1950s, known because of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini affair. Here sprouted their love story during the filming of the movie “Stromboli”. If you want you can see the house they lived in during filming. You get time to look around on your own before you cast off and rise your eyes towards Stromboli’s top crater which mostly offers an amazing spectacle. Here it can be seen how the glowing lava flows out and lit up the night sky while sailing from there.

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