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Da Cefalù e Campofelice

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The Streat Palermo tour is a walking tour through the main squares and street markets of the city center that allows travellers sample the best Palermitan street food. Along the walk participants enter places hung out only by real Sicilians, such as bakeries and old inns. All places have been selected to offer travellers the most authentic street food. The group will be constituted with maximum ten participants in order to let people enjoy the walk and interact with their local tour guide. Streat Palermo tour isn’t just food! Itineraries are designed to offer travellers a complete overview on the history, arts, food and traditions of Palermo. Tour guides provide historical information on the monuments and churches visible along the walk (Streat Palermo winter tour also includes the visit of the Cathedral) and share with travellers the most intimate secrets of local cuisine and habits. With Streat Palermo tour participants have the chance to discover the hidden artistic gems of the markets, not always easy to find otherwise!
Wine tasting in Castelbuono
The Madonie Mountains is scattered with picturesque hilltop towns. Possibly the prettiest of all is Castelbuono.  After a stroll in the idyllic town centre and a visit to the majestic castle donated to Sant’Anna,  on the way back, you will stop at the “Abbazia Sant’Anastasia”. Literally a piece of heaven, this old abbey is now famous all over the world because of its gold-medals-awarded winery company. There you will taste some of their selected wines and typical appetizer, all without forget a visit a visit of their cellar where you will  enjoy the smell of their handcrafted oak barrels manufactured in the department of Allier. Definitely a must for the guest which come in this side of Sicily.
Premium Sicilian Cooking Lesson
Sicily is the most passionate island of the Mediterranean Sea and Sicilian people, among their passions, are definitely famous for the love they’ve about the fruits of their land, either they come from sea or from the countryside.  Our purpose is to share with you this passion and show you how to take the most from our culinary traditions. In the lovely scenario of the tiny village of Sant’Ambrogio you will discover the Osteria Bacchus – named after the  Greek God of wine – where you will experience, just in small groups of maximum 12 people, the Sicilian art of mixing only seasonal and organic  ingredients. Our experienced and charismatic Chef Mimmo, with the help of his sons Ciccio and Ambrogio, will definitely make you part of something special, guiding you step by step through the colorful and intense path of making on your own your Sicilian Lunch - entrée, first course, main course and dessert -  all of this showing how deep is his passion in doing this job!
Lipari & Vulcano
Early in the morning you will take the boat to Lipari and that’s just the beginning of a really stunning day. Lipari was created by several volcanic eruptions and is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. In the island’s museum you will learn the Aeolians archipelago history from ancient times to the classic Hellenistic era. Vulcano is an impressive island and soon you will understand why the ancient Greeks believed that the island itself was the chimney of the god Hephaestus’ forge. Here you will enjoy a revived mud bath at the natural  spa, not only, the black sand beach it’s a perfect place where just relax and rest your feet. On both islands you will get plenty of time to explore them on your own.  
Sicilian Gems - Taormina and Mount Etna (to 1900 Mt)
The town lies on a terrace overlooking the sea and with the Mount Etna behind it, thanks to the natural frame, to its monuments, to the beautiful alleys  and to the  cultural events hosted, Taormina attracts many tourists. Dating back as far as 358 BC, it’s home to some of the most well-preserved buildings, medieval courtyards and historic landmarks in this corner of the world. Sip a cappuccino in the Piazza Nove Aprile, browse the chic boutiques, or check out the town’s star attraction – its ancient Greek-Roman theatre. Then, before you know it, it’s all changed and you’re standing on the pulsing and flaming heart of the island: the Mount Etna!
Dinner in Madonie Mountains
We will reach one of the most beautiful mountain village in the Madonie National Park, as San Mauro Castelverde truly is. It’s Located at  the altitude of 1080 metres, it’s famous for its medieval churches and the typical small squares where you will can admire a beautiful landscape on the mountains and the sea. After this unforgettable visit we will reach the ‘’Trattoria La Posada’’ , which is located in Karsa a small hamlet of San Mauro village and run by a very hospitable family, where a real Sicilian feast will be offered you.  The  chef Rosa will be also happy to show you  the secret of her culinary art and everything you will taste will be organic foods produced in the surrounding farms. To keep us company during the dinner some typical Sicilian music will be played until late night.

Discover Corleone  - The Godfather’s real History
Certainly the name Corleone makes you think on “Don Vito Corleone”, the main character of “The Godfather” movie. From here there is an almost obvious link to the mafia that, indeed, was present on this location. In the beginning of the 1960s, the town became infamous for its Mafia, being the town where some well-known criminals, that ruled the “Cupola” ( the hidden Mafia’s Council),  had their headquarters: the “Corleonesi’s Clan” ruled by Totò Riina. On the excursion we will travel through the hilly landscape of Sicily for 1 ½ hours before arriving to  the town of Corleone, where our local guide meets us and takes us on a stroll in the quaint town streets and in the square where the “Picciotti” were recruited. We will pass by the Mother Church dedicated to St. Martin and on the way to the “Laboratorio della Legalità” (lit. Legality’s Lab)  where there is a photographic exhibition of judges Falcone and Borsellino.
Panarea & Stromboli

In Cefalù’s  Harbour you board the boat  that will take you out to Panarea, the Glamour Island. The island has earned its epithet as it is the most exclusive of the Aeolians Islands, attracting the international jet-setters for a taste of “dolce far niente” (delicious idleness). After exploring the island for a while, wandering in its narrow white streets, you’ll sail to Stromboli, one of the neighboring island of the archipelago. The island was, in the1950s, known because of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini affair. Here sprouted their love story during the filming of the movie “Stromboli”. If you want you can see the house they lived in during filming. You get time to look around on your own before you cast off and rise your eyes towards Stromboli’s top crater which mostly offers an amazing spectacle. Here it can be seen how the glowing lava flows out and lit up the night sky while sailing from there.
Cefalù Sailing Experience
This sailing yacht will take you on a unique, customised excursion, especially suited for you. This small-group tour is limited to 10 guests, ensuring you’ll receive personalised attention from your guide. Your skipper will show you how to hoist the sails, trim the main and take the helm. Alternatively, enjoy the view from the yacht’s comfortable cockpit, relax down below in the spacious salon or sunbathe on the open deck as well as swim into the open sea. Perfect for the families with children. A typical Sicilian lunch is served on board.

Sailing to the Sunset
We will take you on a unique, customised excursion, especially suited for you. This small group tour is limited to ten people, ensuring you’ll receive personalised attention from your guide. Alternatively, enjoy the view from the yacht’s comfortable cockpit, relax down below in the spacious salon or sunbathe on the open deck. Going for a swim while on the anchor or getting towed behind our yacht gives you a unique way of enjoying the Mediterranean avoiding the overcrowded beaches. Perfect for you to enjoy the evening and the sunset with the glass of Prosecco in a very unique way.

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