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  • Individual - Excursions Venice


Visit one of the last historical Venetian Lab in an Ancient Palace of Tiziano Vecellio
where they works the gold for artistic decorations, for cosmetic and Edible gold use.

The action sequence for transforming raw material into ultra-slim leaves measuring a few microns, begins with the Fusion phase.
This operation allows the metal to be brought to a liquid state, eliminating all its impurities, so as to make it solidify into the characteristic ingot shape. This transformation  into a solid prepares the subsequent Laminating work, which thins it, changing it into a thin sheet from which the single raw material squares will be obtained, to be used in the Filling phase and then stacked on one another, separated by special paper sheets, and after that subjected to a first Hammering.
The semi-processed sheets thus obtained, cut into four parts and then stacked again, are afterwards subjected to a second manual Hammering carried out by the last Master who brings them to the final required thickness.

In the end comes the Cutting and Packaging phase during which skilled professionals handle the paper-thin leaves thus obtained with extreme precision in order to give them the required shape and finally place them in custom-made containers.
This extraordinary work is one of the last charming artisan work remained in Europe
At the end of the visit the guest will receice a special present.

The tour start from Hotel in Venice by foot with assistant

The production of leaves in gold and various combinations with other less noble ones, are planned for a professional user public, such as mosaic-makers, glaziers, “perleri”( or glass bead-makers), restorers, gilders, iconographers, calligraphers, painters, sculptors and a few decoupage enthusiasts. Using them with different application techniques makes it possible to embellish the work of art on which they are employed, conveying to the observer a touch of unparalleled character.

Recent research has demonstrated the anti-aging properties of gold which, when applied to the skin thanks to manual massage together with dedicated carriers, penetrates into it deeply, filling out wrinkles, reducing eye-bags, neutralising spots and conferring a peerless sheen to the complexion. But this is not all. For gold in the cosmetic field may also be used to decorate one’s body. In fact, in the first place, nails, lips and eyelids receive an aesthetic revamp which reveals elegance and sophistication with this noble material.

Since antiquity, once gold underwent specific processing and treatments, its great versatility would make it particularly suitable even for decorating food and drink during very important occasions. Its modern elaboration foresees the exclusive use of 24 Kt (i.e. 100% pure gold) raw material and respect for strict production guidelines, allowing the end product to obtain an edible food decoration certification. Such purity guarantees top level quality standards and permits chefs, patisserie masters, wine experts and barmen to obtain an unmatched.


Minimum 2 people

• assistant (3 hrs)
• entrance and visit to the Gold Lab
• Gold Presenta t the end of the tour


 Children free till 6 yrs

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