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  • Individual - Excursions Venice

Fondazione Querini Stampalia with a special entrance to the Historical Library
If you want to discover Venice from a less predictable and obvious point of view but rather for its originality and at the same time for its most ancient and prestigious traditions to which it is deeply bound, you have found here the perfect place… “. The Museum of Fondazione Querini Stampalia is one of the most important examples of House-Museum, in the heart of Venice, and it is one of the best preserved in all Europe. The noble floor of the Palace recreates the the magnificent residence of the Querini Stampalia family. The ancient collections containing precious furniture, paintings, porcelains, globes, fabrics and sculptures create an inseparable connection in a refined atmosphere, with the luxurious rooms covered with plasters and frescos.
The House-Museum has been open to visitors since 1869 telling by means of everyday life, traditional and cultural stories that reflect Venice’s lifetyle: a unique city in the world. The Museum is presented as an historic dwelling that maintains its ancient atmosphere but opens its doors to novelties, concerts and exhibitions of classic and modern art.
The Library: The great variety of the collections reflects the Library’s history and characteristics. For 140 years the “Library of the Venetians”, has been visited by all kinds of readers, students, Italian and foreign scholars.
Since 1869, the heritage of the Querini Stampalia family has continued to grow with the addition of modern books to provide updated resources for study and research, together with volumes donated from the libraries of private citizens. Today the Library contents consist of 350.000 volumes, 32.000 of them are on the open shelf, 120 folders from the archives of the Querini Stampalia family, 1.300 manuscripts, 100 incunabula, 1.617 books printed in the 16th century, 20.250 ancient volumes, 20.000 booklets, 5.000 journals, of which more than 300 are current editions, 3.000 engravings, 355 geographical maps and ancient maps. The Library materials can be consulted directly from the “open shelf”, requested at the desk or borrowed.
Contemporary: Between 1950s and 1960s, Contemporary Art was considered of uttermost importance by Fondazione Querini Stampalia. Experts have been invited to expound upon Fondazione Querini’s history and spaces, in an open debate which has continued until today. Further important discussions are being developed in the fields of architecture and contemporary art

Essence & Perfume
The Venetian itinerary through the way of Palazzo Mocenigo Museum and Perfume Course
This is the inspiration for the creation of a new section dedicated to a particular aspect of the history of Venetian tradition: perfume, highlighting the key role the city played in the origins of this aesthetical, cosmetic and entrepreneurial custom…”
In the five rooms that are dedicated to perfume and are perfectly integrated with the attraction of the displays throughout the museum, multi-media instruments and experiences using the senses alternate along an itinerary of information, emotion and closer study. A video illustrates the role of Venice in the history of perfume, a room evokes the lab of a perfumer of the 16th century (muschiere). Raw materials and processes are displayed and illustrated, while an olfactory map describes the “Streets of Spices” crossed by the ancient Venetians. Is then presented an extraordinary collection of perfume bottles of the German company Drom, covering a number of materials dating from the Middle Ages to the present day, in a long term loan to the museum. Finally, the tour ends with the opportunity to experience, through some olfactory stations the ”fragrance families” from which come all the fragrances.

Photography Tour
Take a Professional Photo With Your Own Camera! You will discover that it’s not difficult. Profit of our professional photographer that will instruct you. It’s also an interesting way to know enchanting zones of Venice. You will have the opportunity to pick up professional tips on the art of photography, capturing marvellous and singular images of real Venice. You learn to use the light and the water. No previous experience is required. This tour will take you to the undiscovered areas of Castello or Cannaregio or Dorsoduro or Zattere frequented only by Venetians. Each tour is an unique tour. With the aim to take the best photo and depending on the light, our photographer will decide the place to lead you.

La Fenice Theatre & The Merchant Of Venice Spice Apothecary
Private guided tour through La Fenice Theatre, between stuccos and gold. It  is one of the most famous world opera houses.
Majesty and beauty of a leading creative venue, which is the stage of more than 100 opera performances per year, a major symphonic season conducted by prominent masters from across the globe, the full cycles of symphonies by Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms and Mahler, a contemporary repertoire focused especially on Venetian artists, ballets, and chamber music concerts.
After Theatre we will visit a particolary old Spieces Apothecary in Venice where the brand The Merchant of Venice – very famous in all around the world - open the “Way of Perfume”. Nice experience for your nose and for the knowledge of the elements.

Kayak Tours Through the Canals in Venice
The wonders of Venice  are best explored on the water, and adventurous travelers can be free to navigate the sites and sounds of Venetian life from their own kayak on this hour and a half private tour led by a local guide. You’ll travel past major sites like the Rialto Bridge, Marco Polo’s house, and the Grand Canal, and lesser-known neighborhoods that are only accessible to small boats or kayaks. You’ll see the happenings of daily life, and come away with a new perspective of Venice.
The Secret Venice :
suggestive tour around Venice’s most hidden spots. An intimate adventure filled by anecdotes that will tickle your fancy.
Tasty Venice:
A Nice and quiet tour within the cosiest sestieri of Venice followed by an aperitivo in a typical “osteria”.

Romantic tour - Walking & Gondola ride
If you’re looking for the romantic side of Venice here is the right tour for you. Venice is a place of love and mystery, a place where senses prevail over rationality. Almost like a scene created from eternity pervaded with the atmosphere and magic which even today gives presents to lovers of all types and origin, capable of bewitching even the most distracted couch-potato couples. Venice is undoubtedly the best place where to get lost, loved or allow to be seduced.
Your guide will lead you to the most romantic sites of Venice, to itineraries designed to discover routes still available to lovers and shrewd travelers who could go back over the secret of Casanova’s places and scenes of his amorous adventures, or mysterious and legendary places in Corto Maltese’s Venice.  
Is it a coincidence that the famous libertine with a keen interest in the pleasure of senses was born and grew up in the city of love par excellence or could we perhaps ask ourselves if he had become characteristic because he was Venetian… or that a fascinating sailor from Malamocco, an untiring traveller from Hugo Pratt’s adventures always comes back to his loving Venice after his travels?
After this walk, where you can lose yourself on a dreamlike discovery route of the beautiful and the sublime, you’ll stumble upon a romantic gondola through narrow and quiet canals, and under the famous Bridge of Sights, whose name comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice through the window before being taken down to their cells.
But a more romantic local legend says that lovers will be granted everlasting love and bliss if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under this bridge.

Cooking course with shopping
Meeting with Giuseppe (Giusi) the Oste and Owner of the Osteria ai Assassini will pick you up to the Rialto Bridge.  Everything will start from Rialto Market, where we will discover the vibrant life of everyday,  wandering the stalls of fruit, vegetable and fresh fish.            

Sunset Panoramic Tour & Dinner
1 hr panoramic tour through the Lagoon by water taxi and Dinner with Aperitif Bellini or Minosa, 3 mail courses with 1 bottle of wine and 1 of mineral water (each 2 pax).
Enjoy the panoramic view of Venice and its breathtaking sunsets sit on the veranda of the Villa Laguna restaurant facing the Lagoon. Return to Venice by public boat non included

Gondola & Prosecco
The classical gondola tour with something more…On board it will be served a bottle of Prosecco sparkling wine.

Row Venice, learn rowing in Venice
With Row Venice you have the opportunity to learn how to row like a Venetian! This is the Venetian style of rowing, standing up facing forwards, just like a gondolier, on a typical boat called Batella or Coda di Gambero. You’ll be instructed in the art of  Venetian rowing and then row, together with your instructor, through the canals of Venice and then out into the lagoon, where you’ll even have the opportunity to steer this all-wooden craft.

Ombre & Cicchetti Tour
An enogastronomic tour of Venice that will introduce you to one of the city’s most typical osteria, a traditional place where you can drink a good glass of wine (ombra) and eat some delicious snacks (cicheti). The Ombre e Cicchetti tour will introduce you to life in Venice and Venetians from less common perspective, in fact you can taste typical traditional venetian food and drink Italian wine. 2 stops to Bacaro and tasting. This tour is not recommended for non-drinkers!!

Past and present trade places
Venice is well known as the City of trade. There was a rich trade with the Orient, that also inspired the building of some of the Palaces and Churches, goods of any kind, Precious silks Spice, jewel and gold arrived daily in the old port of the City, Rialto. Merchants for everywhere coming to Venice for their business had some dedicated place to trade and to stay, those places are known as…..

Guilds and Trades
History of a Myth Genesis The Lion’s Republic, through its typical professions and handicraft of present and past. We cross the wooden Accademia  Bridge to reach Campo della Carità, where there is an ancient convent, a church and the old Scuola Santa Maria della Carità now the home of Accademia Museum; our stroll throughout Dorsoduro district will lead us to the magnificent Salute, the huge baroque church erected to celebrate the end of the plague of 1630; after turning towards the basin of St Mark, we enjoy a quick view over the ancient Custom point. We continue on to the right along the Zattere, the way alongside the Giudecca Canal until we reach Saverio Pastor’s workshop to admire a variety of oars and forcole, rowlock or oarpost used in traditional Venetian boats. In San Trovaso, we see a Squero, the picturesque boatyard where gondolas are still built and repaired. We will have the occasion to see the Stuccoforte Lab, one of the Venetian ancient works. We reach Campo San Barnaba and we pass the floating fruit and vegetable shop. La Barca is one of venetian methods Water’s exploiting.  We cross over the Bridge of Pugni (of fists) where challenges between different sections of citizens took place. In Campo San Barnaba, we visit an artistic Masks Workshop in order to plunge in the fabulous atmosphere of Carnival. Our tour ends in the beautiful Campo Santa Margherita, today’s meeting point of young people and students, with a short Spritz break at La Bifora.

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