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  • Monuments - Sicily

The cathedral was built by archbishop Gualtiero Offamilio and is located in via Vittorio Emanuele. It combines different architectural elements like Romanesque twin round arched windows, Islamic mouldings, a massive crenelled transept, archivolted lanced windows. It houses the mortal remains of many kings of Sicily.

Teatro Massimo
It is one of the most important opera houses in Europe and one of the finest examples of Neoclassical architecture in Sicily. It has a hexastyle corinthian pronaos standing on a staircase flanked by two bronze lions representing Tragedy and Lyric. The concert hall is roofed with a massive dome.

Pretoria Fountain
The handsome Fontana Pretoria is constituted by three basins, gradually lessening in width from the top to the bottom, placed on a sumptuous staircase surrounded by statues representing the gods of Olympus. In the foreground is St. Catherine's church. The fountain was colloquially known as the “fountain of the shame” due to the naked statues which form the monument.

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