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  • Monuments - Sardinia

Sardinia, land of contrasts, bold tastes and intense colors, and inhabited by a courteous yet reserved people, boasts its own special mural artistry, of which the city of Orgosolo is the epicenter. In Orgosolo, a town in the historic region of Barbagia, approximately 150 murals decorate its streets, bringing thousands of Italian and foreign tourists every year. The first mural in Orgosolo was signed by Dioniso in 1969: Dioniso was the collective name of a group of anarchists. Just a few years later, in remembrance of the Resistance and Liberation of Italy from Nazism and Fascism, a transplanted Sienese middle school teacher and his former students painted additional murals, to which various artists and local groups gradually added their own creations.


Although Orgosolo was where the Italian muralist tradition began, other towns like San Sperate, Villamar and Serramanna have cultivated this art for years, a cultural and social phenomenon that expresses still today global and international themes. Numerous murals adorn so many communities in Sardinia’s inland provinces, and they portray in their own beautiful language the culture and customs of the local people.

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