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  • Monuments - Umbria

St. Francis Basilica
The Basilica is both site of mass pilgrimages from Europe and other parts of the world and leader tourist attraction. The Franciscan Monastery is divided into the lower and the upper church. The first features a frescoed ribbed vault executed by Cimabue, Simone Martini, Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti. These frescoes are amongst the finest examples of 14th century painting.The upper church was entirely frescoed by Giotto. These frescoes also are regarded as the culmination of Giotto's artistic career. The Basilica was severely damaged by the earthquake of the 1998.The crypt houses St. Francis' mortal remains.

Rocca Maggiore
It was probably built by Charles the Great and added by Cardinal Albornoz who was responsible for the choice of the current structure.The castle has a trapezoidal plan and several crenelled round towers linked by defensive walls surrounding the central main squared palace. The Rocca is located on the very top of the hill.

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