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  • Monuments - Umbria

Elderly Palace
Palazzo dei Priori (Elderly Palace) is the town hall. This massive crenelleted palace is decorated with three arch headed windows topping the two main portals: the first door is surmounted with a carved lunette representing the patron saints. The second, featuring an impressive staircase erected on the degrading ground, is topped with two statues representing the heraldic town animals: the griffin and the lion.

4th November Square
Piazza IV Novembre was once called Piazza Grande, that is to say the main city square. In the foreground you can see the Fontana Maggiore, one of Perugia main sights. It is a free standing fountain designed by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano featuring two basins and sculpted figures representing nymphs pouring waters from amphorae. The base of the fountain is decorated with allegoric bas-reliefs.

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