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  • Monuments - Tuscany

Pisa is one of the greatest Italian cultural centres and preserves a rich a rtistic heritage, which is an original medieval reworking of Islamic, Lombard and local influences.
The most important monuments stand in Piazza dei Miracoli: the Duomo (cathedral), Santa Maria Assunta with the Leaning Tower, the Battistero (baptistery), the Galleria that surrounds the Camposanto (graveyard), the Cappella del Pozzo; all the monuments strictly made of white Carrara marble.

Field of Miracles and the Cathedral
Campo dei Miracoli is one of the most beautiful piazza of Italy. It houses the cathedral, the free standing campanile, the free standing baptistery and the cemetery. The duomo, regarded as a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, is made of marble and stone, decorated with four orders of round arch loggias. Epigraphs engraved into stone describes the story of the basilica.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
It is the town symbol. It was built in 1173 as the free standing bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral and although intended to stand vertically, the soft grounds caused the tower to lean few years later its erection. It is entirely decorated with round arches loggias in Pisa Romanesque style with the exception of the ground floor ornated with blind arches. Many engineers have worked to prevent the tower to sink further into the soil and the situation seems to be under control, now. Tourist are allowed to enter the tower again, after a period no-admission policy.

Il Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta, al centro della omonima piazza, è la cattedrale medievale di Pisa nonché chiesa Primaziale. Capolavoro assoluto del romanico, in particolare del romanico pisano, rappresenta la testimonianza tangibile del prestigio e della ricchezza raggiunti dalla Repubblica marinara di Pisa nel momento del suo apogeo
orari: Nov/Feb: 10.00-12.45/14.00-17.00 - Mar: 10.00-18.00 - da Apr a Sett: 10.00-20.00 - Ott: 10.00-19.00

Il Battistero di Pisa, dedicato a San Giovanni Battista, s'innalza di fronte alla facciata ovest della Primaziale, nella Piazza del Duomo, vicino al Camposanto monumentale e alla Torre pendente.
orari: Dic/Gen 09.30-16.30 - Nov+Feb 09.00-17.00 - Mar 08.30-17.30 - Apr/Sett 08.00-19.30 - Ott 08.30-19.00

City Walls
To this day, only little portions of the city walls remain. They constituted a complex system of fortification including towers and gates. Today the path running along the walls houses the main city market.

The Piaggio Museum - Pontedera (Pisa)
The Piaggio Museum is located in Pontedera in the heart of northwest Tuscany, a 15-minute drive from Pisa and 35 minutes from Florence .
The visit, enjoyable for children as well as for adults, makes a pleasant stop en route to Florence from Pisa or vice versa, or a diversion during a summer holiday along the Tuscan coast or among Tuscany's many antique museums and art cities.
OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Free entry

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